Why do we punish for doing the right thing?
August 11, 2015


As a radio show host, I often do stories about American citizens, legal US residents, and even people who are here on work visas. In most cases they work hard to get here and be good citizens in the areas they live.

As a school board member, this week I was contacted by a mother who was having trouble registering her children in the district. They got all their paperwork together, went to the school in the area they live and registered… well, tried to register their children.

The parents are here on a work visa, all legal and above board. The children had to be brought in on a “tourist” visa because the children were not coming here to work.

Now the district works very hard to follow Federal and State immigration and education laws. I met with both children. They are from the Philippines, speak very good English, are bright, energetic and love it here. But they’ve been denied access to education because of the type of visas they have. So much for the government wanting to help ALL children get an education!

I did some checking and there was a common theme both in our district and others. It seems if the kids and the parents had simply said there were here “illegally,” not undocumented or without papers, but “illegally,” then the questioning would have stopped and they would have been admitted.

So now we encourage people to lie? Are we punishing people for being honest and doing the right thing?

Where do I go from here? This isn’t right! If people in this country illegally get a pass for education then why not those who simply have the wrong LEGAL paperwork? The parents are here working and paying taxes. Why are their children slighted while illegals are ushered in without question?

This is not an immigration issue. And it’s not a political issue. As a Trustee for the Hart District my job is to make sure all kids have the opportunity to receive a great education. The best we can provide!

I haven’t given up yet. These kids deserve the same treatment and opportunity to education all kids coming to this country and ones already here are receiving.

I have no call to action for you except to ask for your support in getting these kids and others in similar situations an education. If you want to respond, then my question would be, shouldn’t we hold all groups to the same standard and educate all kids who are here?