The New Chief
June 3, 2010

June 5 – Robert has been to the District Offices several times in the last few weeks. He is not only hear on official business but wants to get to know the administrators and the staff he will be directly working with. Glad to see him jumping in.

May 24 – After almost 35 days of reading resumes, interviewing candidates, and then driving about 2 hours north to spend a day interviewing stakeholders, we chose Rob Challinor. But how you say? He is coming from a district with the same number of students you would find in any one of our high schools.

So here’s my view, and my view only. Remember, we looked at many resumes, then we interviewed seven candidates, Rob was the last one of the day. Somehow he ended up on the short list. I was not impressed. His resume looked good but I thought we had better ones. When he interviewed again, I was still not impressed.

Then he came in on Saturday and he was different. He was answering questions with a different spark and attitude. When it came to my turn I looked at him and told him how I felt. He looked at me and said. You know I was the last guy in and you had already heard all the answers every way you could hear them. You were tired, hungry, and ready to go. What could I have said to win you over. Well, that got my attention! Rob went on to answer my questions and the other Board Members with great enthusiasm and in a way that convinced me he could do the job.

After speaking with the people he worked both for and with, I was even more impressed.

I believe we made the right decision hiring Rob. Time will tell.