Not enough Information
June 5, 2010

June 4 – After hearing the High School would still cost us 160 million without the land, I had to take my medication, after seeing Eleanor Roosevelt High School and a few others and getting the information that showed it was built for 109 million including soft costs, desks, chairs and such and at a time (about 4 years ago) when building charges were at their peak, It peaked me to look at other schools.

Lets look at these…

Citrus Valley HS in Redlands Unified. A beautiful HS for 2500 kids with a PAC, football stadium with synthetic turf and track for $87 million hard, soft and land costs included. Built at the height of the high inflation economy.  

  • Media Center
  • Double Hallways/Natural Light thru Skylights
  • Theatre with Theatre seating
  • Pool
  • Football Stadium
  • All-weather Track
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • State-of-the-art Security System
  • Advanced Technology

Palm Desert High School

in Palm Desert has 78 teaching stations on 41.7 acres. School has 6 2-story classroom buildings, Full Gymnasium, Football stadium w/lights, Cafe style full service cafeteria, 2-story admin and Library, a performing arts bldg that seats 400+ and an aquatic center. All under construction right now for $64 million

Shadow Pines HS

This same type and design school was opened in 2009, for $102 million with $5 million in const now for their stadium! Same exact school! This is in Desert Sands Unified designed by Ruhnau Ruhnau Clarke

Go to the Castaic High Gallery to see other Schools!

MAY 24th – The presentations to the Board on May 5th left me with more questions  than I had going into the meeting. This Board Member doesn’t understand some of the issues that are not being dealt with on the front end. THE FATAL FLAWS! We need answers to the quick and easy determinations. Can we get water to the site? How long? How much? Do we need a second bridge? How much? How Long? Can we use Prop 39 money for these items? If we had to go to eminent domain, again, how Long? how much?

We were told it would cost over 200k to cap an old oil pump pipe from a consultant, a professional, I made 45 phone calls to other professionals and found the price was overinflated by at least 100k. I got a range from 40k to 85k.  AGAIN I am not a professional and will be asking why the spread?

I will be asking the Lundgen Consultants and others involved  these and other questions and hope that we can get them answered for me in the coming days. 

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