NIMBY’s Everywhere!
September 2, 2010


This is in rebuttal to an article written in the signal, You must read it before this will make sense. Sorry.

The Signal Article.

Hey, Mr. Castaic (and others) or whatever your name is. It’s easy to make these comments when you hide behind phony names. I have now heard IT ALL. You guys love to blame politicians and elected officials when you think we’re spewing lies BUT when it suits you, no problem right?

Where are you getting your numbers from the accounting and building fairy?

If you can build Castaic high school as YOU say for $20 million on Halsey Sloan have at it. Give us a proposal and we will vote on it. $20 million is great.

If you’re using the $18 million given out during the July 14th meeting then you need to do more homework. That number is over $12 million off.

Mr. Rasmussen (the Romero developer) has not been given a dime by the district for the property.

No price has been set or will be set until the State of California decides what the property is worth based on a State approved independent appraiser.

Why are the web sites down?  Got me, I was able to get to your site, Mr. Lombardi’s site, and the Official school site.

The site that was active from Mr. Rasmussen was taken down by him at the request of the Hart Board. The page put up by the Facilities Foundation is still there.

So what sites are you talking about being down or missing? These are the kinds of inaccuracies that spread the poison that make it hard to work.

We will get nowhere if you people, YES I SAID YOU PEOPLE, don’t get honest about what you put out there. You are being disingenuous with the information you are putting out.

A few of you have asked me to attend a meeting with your “I am against Romero” or any other high school for that matter group. I gave Mr. Paradise my business card and in the usual fashion in these issues I was never called.

So apparently the group is not interested in getting the real information.

Just stirring it up.

I want to thank you for making it harder and causing us to spend more money to get this school


Let us know when you have solutions, REAL SOLUTIONS, and not just complaints.

Your information is not factual and frankly, it’s just deceitful.

I can be reached several ways… go to my website or come out and see me at any school board meeting

I will be happy to answer any question open and honestly.

Joe Messina