Much to Do
June 3, 2010

June 6 – Some catching up here. Visited at Saugus High’s tech center with Dave LeBarron and other members of staff along with local business owners to try to work through the upcoming modernization of that building. The focus at this visit was automotive. By having local automotive shop owners and mechanics there is gave us great insight as to the things we need to plan and prepare our children for.

May 24 -May has been extremely busy, but we are getting things done…

  • 2 days of Architect interviews for the Castaic site
  • 3 days of Superintendent interviews
  • Our regular and special Board Meeting
  • Extra budget and union negotiation meetings.
  • Toured several Schools outside the valley to see how other districts fund and work their CTE training

Spent quite some time trying to work through all the Castaic information that went over my head. Had to speak to 3 different architectural firms and 2 developers to find out what it really costs to cap an oil pipe! I’ve learned a lot about developing a school site, BUT should I?