More Castaic Questions?!
June 14, 2010

Lundgren has reported, based on information from Padre and other consultants. That They need to do more studies to make sure there are no Special frogs or bunnies living on the properties (yes I am making a little funny with it). After all this time they should be able to answer these questions.

Mr. Lund suggested that the Romero property would require an elevator to get the ADA kids to the school, He thought for some reason that we would be dropping off the children on the EMERGENCY secondary road. I don’t have an engineering degree BUT that doesn’t make sense. So in  a few short minutes and the properly framed questions we found we had contracted with the city for service to the school entrance.

For what they are getting paid this should be easy…

Life is good Again!

The report also suggests that Hasley Sloan has no “Hydrology” problems.

we have concerns getting water in, and keeping water off of Hasley/Sloan.

It just extremely irritating to have to ask so many questions to get a simple answer.

Figure its like trying to get your seventeen year old to tell you why he wants the car at 11pm on Friday night and where he is going !!!

Get the Picture?