July 15, 2010

Wednesday night the Board voted to pursue the Romero Canyon site (which does not mean abandon the Hasley Sloan site completely).

For this Board Member the major part of my decision was based on trust. Most of the information received from consultants had to be checked and rechecked. After 3 months of this, my trust level for them was lower than it is for our Federal Government!

Mr. Rasmussen, who owns Romero Canyon, has a lot at stake if he doesn’t come through for us. He’s well respected community leader. He came through with Golden Valley HS & Mitchell Elementary. He knows how to move dirt and has the political clout to pull through and make it happen. He has stated he can get the site done in our timeframe AND in what would make fiscal sense. If he runs over, it’s on his dime. If he doesn’t come thru for us (but I believe he will) it will be a huge dent in his reputation. This will be his legacy to our community, one way or the other!

With Hasley Sloan, the Hart District would essentially have to act as the developer and would be responsible for any unforeseen issues, mistakes, and/or overruns. With Romero Canyon, the developer is factoring all risks into the bid price. I believe Romero Canyon simply makes good fiscal sense to protect and best use taxpayer $$$’s.