Let the Digging Begin
July 17, 2010

In a recent email about this week’s progress, the below was included.

Starting on Thursday…

  1. We opened dialogue with the Romero Cyn Folks—somehow they where given the mistaken understanding that we plan to pave their  canyon with a 64’ wide public roadway with sidewalks..
  2. We have contacted the Ventura Consulting Group about holding a partnering session—The Hart District has used them in the past
  3. We have compiled a list of firms to do the Initial Study for the CEQA approvals.
  4. On Monday the 19th we are moving in equipment to begin the soils/geological investigation necessary to obtain State & LACO approvals
  5. We have bought the construction insurance to cover construction activities on Romero
  6. We are preparing the grading documents – Revised Exhibit A to submit to LACOPW next week.
  7. We have sent off the checks to the Environmental Consultants to pay the Jurisdictional Agencies fees to obtain the necessary ACOE/ Cal F&G/RWQ approvals necessary—should be complete with that process in about 60 days.  Last week we completed the Bio RECON and Streambed Delineation studies that have been underway for several months (actually years)
  8. We plan to doing on site mitigation for the small amount (.224ac) of jurisdictional area we will affect.
  9. We have closed our information web sites
  10. We have had good discussions with the owners of TR 46443 –the “ION” property Ron Horn is compiling a informational package to share with them.
  11. We have talked with John Spalione who is a civil engineer that understands and specializes in compiling the bid package to get ready to go to bid
  12. We talked with and are looking forward to working with the new Hart COO when he comes onboard.

We are moving in the right direction.