!!! Golden Parachute !!!
June 29, 2010

ALL agreements of the Hart District “Contract” employees are public. That’s right, You ask and you will get a copy.

Most of the ones I have seen are easy to understand, you may have to look up acronyms on some “Education” based web site BUT, 99% of the content is understandable. As a very famous friend of mine would say about the simplicity of these contracts “You have to hire someone to help you misunderstand this”

I believe that we need to be open and transparent, Some feel this site goes to far at times, ANYTHING I put on this site is public information and you can find if you do some digging as well.

To Mr Castellanos’ credit, He actually took about a third of what he had claim to. He was entitled to full PARS benefits. and He agreed to take a lesser amount.

In this instance I would give him high marks…

Got questions?, Just ask me..