Drugs and Drinking
May 24, 2010


We are one of MANY districts seeing a rise in drug use. Some kids use to escape or just to “be cool”. Some kids sell drugs to make money. For themselves and their family.

Does it really matter? Can we really do anything about it?
Ultimately, we need to help these children cope with life and the issues they are having.

Some think we cant afford it, I beg to differ! If we don’t spend the money helping these children and fighting the problem how much does it really cost us? In lives ruined? in lost teaching time and so on.

The district is working right now on furthering their involvement with the city to get the message out
to parents about warning signs and what their kids might be up against.

Do you know what a flyer party is?  Go to Google and type “flyer parties” You might just be surprised.

Do you know what a Robitussin High is?

A “Robitussin high” is derived from abusing Robitussin, a common cough and cold product, and when taken in recreational doses, which far exceed recommended doses, the user may experience a “high.” This Robitussin high is caused by the excessive dose of dextromethorphan, a common ingredient found in many cough medications, including Robitussin. When such medications are abused they become a dissociative drug.* Teens often buy Robitussin because it is a recognized cough and cold brand. Also, many of the slang terms surrounding DXM Abuse are spin-offs from the Robitussin brand, such as “Robo Tripping.

Take the time, do the research, Know what your kids are up against.

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